Revisiting Custom Dialog in .NET Standard version (Xamarin.Forms)

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In the previous article (Link Here), We have created a custom Popup Dialog which can have any complex UI view we like to add as a content. So we made a custom dialog made purely in xaml without custom renderer. Again, you read it right its pure xaml. We would like to revisit is again and migrated it to .Net Standard and Prism. And we have made  little improvement to add some useful features. It only support iOS and Android and is fully tested.

How To use

Just copy the source implementation of PopUpDialogView just like you see in the screen below, you can customize it to conform with your design Or may add another animation transition during show and hide. You would notice that we've added some bindable properties like DialogMargin, BackgroundOpacity, IsShowBackground, ShowDialogCommand, HideDialogCommand.

I have a couple of samples in using the properties in the project (link will be provided at the bottom of this article) Which is pretty self-explanatory. The good thing is you can add your own feature since the source is provided. The good news is the elements inside the Popup is bindable to the pages BindingContext.

Wrapping Up

The awesomeness are overloading on this sample code, so go ahead and dig deeper. Feel free to tweak this project to suit your need. If you have some questions go shoot me a message here and will gladly answer your questions. If you want more and advance topic you can catch us at this facebook groups  MondPH And Xamdavao.  If you want the full sample source you can check it right here LINK. enjoy coding.

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