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Posted by seven.srikanth@gmail.com at 07-11-2017 20:26:21 in News

Hi All,
This is Srikanth here, happy to announce that we are opening XamarinCentral website from today.
Xamarin is a great tool for developers who want to develop apps for Android and IOS using C#.
Through this website, we are going to share Xamarin related articles, news, etc.
Our aim is to build a great Xamarin Community and help the developers in the need.
Thanks so much,

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igrietgoal@gmail.com at 07-11-2017 20:37:46

Excellent , I'm excited to hear more about Xamarin and how it can help us with our projects.

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seven.srikanth@gmail.com at 08-11-2017 04:42:40

Thank you..