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Hello there, For Xamarin.iOS developers using Firebase Database: how do you get the querys synchronously?

Posted by at 24 May 2018 in Ask

I mean, the ObserveSingleEvent works until it finish everything after it, so what are the steps which you solve it?

Thanks in advance

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New Xamarin book on sale

Posted by at 24 May 2018 in News

There's a new Xamarin book on sale, written by Jim Bennett, Microsoft MVP and Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Among other topics, the author talks about MVVM, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, testing with UI Test and physical device, as well as using App Center for app testing and monitoring. There's also a discussion about beta distribution and publishing.

It is possible to download the first and sixth chapters from the website.

Use the code mlbennett2lt for a 50% discount (available today only). In case it has already expired, you can instead use the code xamarininaction to get a 42% discount.

Physical and digital versions available. 

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Unable to get Back button in Navigation Bar in Xamarin Forms

Posted by at 01 Dec 2017 in Article

In order to get Back button in Navigation Bar, you have to invoke the view using PushAsync. When we use PushModalAsync instead of PushAsync, the Back button won't appear.
await Navigation.PushAsync(new NavigationPage(new Login()));
The back button inside Navigation Bar will appear as below.

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